Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free WIFI at the retail store

I went shopping at several stores today with my sweetie.  While we were shopping, I checked my trusty iPod touch to see if there were any free open wireless networks I could hop on.  None of the chain stores had them.  I was floored.  Why haven't they tapped onto this potential retail goldmine?  I know why.

Most of the people that run the retail stores are older and don't understand technology.   I saw many bored husbands standing around the stores looking bored.  Most guys I know love gadgets and have them.  If they knew that the store had free wifi they would be occupied while their significant others shopped.  Kids would be out of their parents hair.  It's a win-win for the stores.

Why are they not doing this?  Because they can't itemize this kind of good will on a spreadsheet and they are afraid.  The first reason is an example of why soulless corporations are in trouble today.  They don't value the human touch or customer service.  The fear of technology is real and this fear is creating a schism.  It used to be those who believed in communism versus those who believed in free capitalism.  Now the world is being separated into the people who embrace technology versus those who fear technology.  

Would you patronize a retail store that had free wifi for it's customer base? 

Would you boycott a retail store that did not provide free wifi for it's customer base?

Please comment, I'm interested in what other opinions are

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